Weston on the Green 
                                     Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31                        

"Planning for the future"

"We're giving local people more power over what happens in their neighbourhoods - so communities can come together to keep pubs open, stop post offices from closing, run parks and take control over the look and feel of new developments in their area."

David Cameron, former Prime Minister 

8 October 2010

News:   Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan.  DONE!!!                                                                                             

May 2018

We have a full set of documents that have been sent to Cherwell District Council. 
These are attached below and contain: 

Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31 NP WOTG Plan 090518.pdf
Appendices to the Plan NP WOTG Appendices.090518.pdf
Map of the Parish  NP WOTG Parish Boundary
Consultation Document   NP WOTG Consultation. docx
Basic Conditions Document   NP Basic Conditions Statement 140518.pdf

Once we hear back from Cherwell I'll let you know about the next stage of the process. 
This has been a huge effort and a special thanks to Susan Davis and Mike Finbow for the hard work over the past three months.  

Diane Bohm
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