Weston on the Green

Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31


JULY 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan has been successful in the recent examination!! Please read the statement by Cherwell District Council for further information.


"Cherwell District Council

Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan Second Examiner’s Report Regulation 18 Decision Statement

10 July 2020


Cherwell District Council designated the Parish of Weston-on the-Green as a Neighbourhood Area on 2 November 2015.

The Weston-on-the-Green draft Submission Neighbourhood Plan was submitted by Weston- on-the-Green Parish Council to Cherwell District Council on 11 October 2018. The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents were publicised as required and public consultation took place between 19 November 2018 and 11 January 2019.

Following the consultation, the Council, in agreement with the Parish Council, appointed an Independent Examiner to undertake the independent examination. The Examiner’s report was dated 11 September 2019.

The Examiner found that:

• The Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Development Plan has been prepared in accordance with Sections 38A and 38B of the Town and Country Planning Act1990 and the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 (as amended) and that;

• Having regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State it would be appropriate to make the Plan;

• The making of the Plan would contribute to the achievement of sustainable development;

• The making of the Plan would be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area;

• The Plan would not breach and will be otherwise compatible with European Union obligations, the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 and the European Convention on Human Rights;

• The Plan should proceed to a referendum subject to the modifications that he recommends;

• The Plan should proceed to a referendum based on the area of the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

On 4 November 2019 Cherwell District Council, having considered each of the recommendations made by the Examiner:

1) approved all the Examiner’s recommendations and modifications with the exception of Modifications 15,21, 24, 26 and 27.

2) Agreed not to proceed to referendum on the Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Plan at this time;

3) Approved the area for the future referendum as being the designated Neighbourhood Plan area in accordance with the Examiner’s recommendations, noting that there will be no extension to the area.

The Council subsequently published its Regulation 18 Decision Statement in response to the Examiner’s Report on 14 November 2019 and invited representations. The consultation period extended to 10 January 2020.

The Schedule of the Examiner’s recommendations not accepted by the Council and its proposed changes, with reasons, were set out in Annex 1 to that Statement.

A total of 7 responses were received to that Decision Statement.

As a result of the representations received an independent examiner was appointed on 17 March 2020 to undertake a further partial examination. The scope of the partial examination was restricted to the Council’s responses to the recommended modifications 15 and 21 and consequentially 24, 26 and 27.

Second Examiner’s Report

Cherwell District Council received the Independent Examiner’s Report on the outstanding issues of the Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Plan on 8 June 2020.

In summary, the Examiner concludes that the Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum, subject to the Plan being amended in line with his recommendations, which are required to ensure that the Plan meets the Basic Conditions. These include:

• that the changes proposed by the Council to Policy E1 be accepted;

• that the proposed change to Policy C1 not be accepted and that Policy C1 be deleted from the plan with reference to the community’s aspirations for The Schoolfield site, under the consequential changes, retained.

The Council’s Executive has considered the second Examiner’s Report, associated and background documents, and a report presented by officers. On 6 July 2020 the Executive resolved (in summary):

1) To approve all the Examiner’s recommendations and modifications to enable the Plan, incorporating the recommended modifications, to proceed to a referendum.

2) To authorise the issue of a ‘decision statement’ confirming the Executive’s decision including that the Plan will now proceed to a referendum.

3) To authorise the Assistant Director – Planning and Development to make any minor presentational changes and corrections necessary to ready the Plan for referendum.

Further details of the Council’s decision, the Examiner’s Report, the Neighbourhood Plan proposal documents and all other relevant documents can be viewed on the Council website:


This Decision Statement and the Examiner’s Report is also available at Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Banbury OX15 4AA (subject to COVID 19 restrictions). If any person has difficulty accessing the documents online then please contact the Planning Policy and Conservation Team on 01295 227985 for assistance.

NOTE: Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic the referendum will not take place before 6 May 2021.



Below is the Neighbourhood Plan with track changes. Once a 'good' copy is completed, it will be posted and some will be printed. 

2. Post  Examination Plan with modifications in track changes

May 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan is undergoing a focused re-examination. The examiner has asked for responses to specific questions from the Parish Council, Lagan Homes and Cherwell District Council. 

                                                                          Responses were as follows:

WOTG Response

WOTG Section 52 Agreement.pdf

Cherwell District Council.pdf

Pegasus for Lagan Homes

Following a request from the Examiner a video conference call will be held at 10.00 am Tuesday 19 May 2020.

The participants invited by the Examiner are representatives from the District Council, Parish Council and Ben Cook, planning consultant form Pegasus (representing Lagan Homes).

The purpose of the conference call is to enable the Examiner to explore further the responses received to his Initial Comments.

The proceedings will be publicly available on a live video stream via a link that will be provided on Cherwell District Council’s website .

Update to Examination on Modifications of Neighbourhood Plan 

March 2020

The Examiner has contacted us and requested further information with the instruction to post his comments and questions on the website. Please click the link for access to the document. Weston Initial Comments March 2020   


November 14th, 2019

Neighbourhood Plan


NOT ACCEPTED SOME OF THE MODIFICATIONS MADE BY THE EXAMINER. CDC has made recommendations for the contested policies and these now need to have a period of consultation and then go to a new examiner. 

Please read the material below for a full explanation.

Diane Bohm, Chair

Dear Sir/Madam

Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 – 2031

Regulation 18 Decision Statement – Public Consultation

I am writing to notify you that the District Council is inviting representations on its Decision Statement following its consideration of the Independent Examiner’s Report on the Submission Weston-on-the-Green Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation period commences 15 November 2019 and the deadline for receiving representations is 5pm Friday 10 January 2020.

I have attached the Decision Statement which provides further detailed information, including where relevant documents are available to view, and how to make comments.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Yours faithfully

Christina Cherry

Christina Cherry

Senior Planning Policy Officer

Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan - Reg 18 Decision - please open link below

September 15th, 2019

The Examiner for the Neighbourhood Plan has recommended that the modified NP proceed to referendum. This report has been published on the Cherwell website and is now published within the village.

This means that we have passed the Examination with some modification and are on our way to having a Neighbourhood Plan in place for a number of years. 


The written Plan needs to have the modifications completed and this work will be done between ourselves and Cherwell. The documents will then go to the Cherwell Executive for discussion and approval. We hope this will occur on November 4th with their decision on November 8th, 2019. If that process goes smoothly, the Elections and Democratic Office will organise a Referendum in the village. The decison to accept the plan will rightfully be a village decision and will be a majority vote of those who cast a vote. 


As there has been some delay (one year) in getting to this stage, it is right that we have a 'refresher' of the policies within the NP. We have a number of newcomers to the village for whom this document will be new and we hope to be able to host a meeting where we place the plan in a context that is useful and relevant.  

Below please find the Examiner's Report. This copy of the report is modifications only plus comments and recommendations. It will make more sense when the amended version is completed. Any questions please contact the Parish Council and we'll explain items fully. 

Diane Bohm


Weston on the Green Parish Council September 15th, 2019

News: Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031

April 26th 2019

Please note the following information regarding the Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan. 

Cherwell District Council Public NoticeCONSULTATION



Mr Timothy Jones, the Independent examiner appointed to examine the submission draft Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan 2018 – 2031 is inviting comments on Weston on the Green ParishCouncil’s ‘Schedule of Changes to the Weston on the Green Neighbourhood Plan March 2019 in accordance with his ‘Guidance and Directions’ dated 25 April 2019.

The consultation period commences on 26 April 2019 and the deadline for receiving representations is 12 noon Friday 10 May 2019.

These documents are available to view on-line at

https://www.cherwell.gov.uk/info/221/neighbourhood-plans/402/weston-on-the-green- neighbourhood-plan

Hard copies of these documents are also available to view at the locations below at the following times:

Cherwell District Council Offices, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA, form 8.45 am to 5.15pm, Monday to Friday (The Council Offices will be closed on 6 May)

Ben Johnson Pub, Weston-on-the-Green, OX25 3RA, during opening hours (01869 814340)

Submitting Comments: Comments on the document should be sent by email [email protected] or by post to: Planning Policy, Conservation and Design, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA.

Please note that all representations will be made publicly available and will be forwarded to the Independent Examiner.


Further information is in the following document. 

Neighbourhood Plan documents

These are attached below and contain: 




This has been a huge effort and a special thanks to Susan Davis and Mike Finbow, the Steering Group and the initial group that began this work led by Roger Evans. It has been a village effort and we hope it fits the aspirations of the people who live here. 


Diane Bohm

Chair, Weston on the Green Parish Council

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