Weston on the Green

Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31

Village meeting 2 - February 6th and 10th 2016

At this second series of Village meetings, there are new exhibition panels showing the ideas that have emerged from the October village events and group discussions about the proposals raised to see which are preferred to take forward into the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group members are also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

There are hand-out copies of the exhibition panels with tick boxes for you to indicate which ideas you agree with and which you don't. Exhibition Hand-out 2016 

Also available is a draft of the Design Code for new housing in the village, which is mentioned on the exhibition panels and in the hand-outs. This is subject to further consultation, but a copy of the draft is available here.

Feedback from the meetings

We were delighted to have so many responses to the hand-out. Some people were able to complete the exercise on the day, but others wished to consider their answers at home, then submit them later. In all, 74 responses were received. People were invited to give a tick if they agreed with a proposal and a cross if they were against it. If neither a tick or a cross were shown, these responses were classed as abstentions. The consolidated responses from the two meetings can be seen here. For a full description of the proposals, click on the Exhibition Hand-out link above.

The comments that people added to the hand-out have also been recorded and a list of these is shown here.

All these responses are being taken into account as we start to develop the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

For more photos of the November meetings, go to the Gallery page and scroll down.