Weston on the Green

Neighbourhood Plan 2018-31

Social and economic aspects

The tasks for this group include:

  • Data collection and survey
  • Analysis and forecasts (including commentary) of development options
  • Analysis of questionnaire responses

We need to know something about the demographics of the village - age profile, whether working, working from the village or commuting, and also what social or work-related facilities people would like to see in the village.

2011 Census data

The group has reviewed the 2011 Census data for Weston on the green and drawn preliminary conclusions on:

  • the population and age profile of the village, including comparisons with adjacent villages
  • house types, housing tenure and household composition
  • modes of transport to work and the distances travelled.

These conclusions are illustrated on the display panels which were available at a the village consultation meetings. To view these panels, click here. (PDF = 1.2 MB)

Data from the village survey - October 2015

The Team has now analysed some key responses to the village survey questionnaire. From the survey, social data and householders' views were obtained the following:

  • Number of households
  • Dwelling type
  • Number of bedrooms in dwellings
  • Should we build new houses and why?
  • Types of housing thought necessary
  • Types of employment
  • Ways of travelling to work
  • Use of village facilities

To view the analysis in the form of diagrams and supporting data, click here. (PDF = 147 kB)

Village survey update - January 2016

Since the village survey in October 2015, revised data has become available on the use of village facilities, specifically on the number of people using the Village Hall. Our October estimate of 776 people has been amended to 2203 since we received more accurate information from the Village Hall Committee. The new breakdown can be seen here.

Also, as second survey took place in January 2016 focusing on the number of children in the village, how many people work from home and the use of village food outlets. The results of this survey, which are shown on exhibition panels at the February village meetings, can be downloaded here (PDF = 841kB).