Weston on the Green 
                                     Neighbourhood Plan 2017-31                        

"Planning for the future"

"We are clear that local people - and local authorities must be at the heart of planning."

Eric Pickles, Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

6th September 2012

"We're giving local people more power over what happens in their neighbourhoods - so communities can come together to keep pubs open, stop post offices from closing, run parks and take control over the look and feel of new developments in their area."

David Cameron, former Prime Minister 

8 October 2010


January 2018

After we consulted with the village in July 2017, the draft of the Neighbourhood Plan was edited. Our final task has been to write the four accompanying documents. This includes: 
- a map of the parish
- a Basic Conditions Paper (how the NP complies with planning policy)
- a Consultation Paper ( a detailed overview of the whole consultation process)
- a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) OR Sustainability Study

During this period a concern about the School Field arose. Villagers felt very strongly that the field should be protected from unnecessary disturbance. The team took some time to consider our approach to the field in the NP.  We submitted our work to Cherwell who took advice from Natural England. The result was a new series of suggestions for strengthening our Plan.

As a result we have a revised plan and we encourage a fresh reading of the work. 

You'll find the Plan in two sections below: 

Please be advised that this is a draft and comments are welcome. 

Diane Bohm
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